"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Saturday, February 11, 2012


Ok, so I read something on Facebook the other that day inspired this post. Maybe it will come as no surprise to you or maybe it will rock your world as it did mine. Either way here goes the post.

The Facebook post in question stated that light roast coffee has more caffeine than darker roasts. Seriously?! So I've been wasting time and money all these years by assuming, apparently incorrectly, that the darker and bolder the coffee the more caffeine it will have? The answer my dear readers, is yes! Light roasts do have more caffeine! After some research (thank you Internet) I found that it is because the longer the beans roast, more of the caffeine burns off! I was, and admittedly still am, shell shocked! Wow! Again, maybe this isn't news to you, maybe you've known all your life. Maybe you've been enjoying your light roast coffee with its extra boost of energy-providing caffeine all along. Well, I've been snookered. Or have I? I mean technically it was all based on assumption and you know what they say about assuming! Maybe rather than being lied to for 31 years I was just blissfully ignaorant and uninformed? I mean, I consider myself to be a reasonably intelligent person, so how did this tidbit get past me and my caffeine addiction? Sadly though, this is not the first "holy crap that's news to me!" moment I've had lately. Thus the stunning news about light roast coffee has inspired me to blog about this all, hence the title.

It's also been brought to my recent (within the past year) attention that corn is not a vegetable! Seriously?! Apparently it's a grain! I mean I guess it makes sense seeing as how you can make flour out of it and whatnot. But then why does it reside with the vegetables, both the frozen and canned variety? Talk about a wolf in sheep's clothing! Again, how did I not learn this somewhere along life's journeys? Elementary school? High school? College? Maybe I missed a day somewhere, or it was in a chapter of a textbook I didn't read, or maybe I just didn't pay attention in class one day? Whatever the reason, it still took me by surprise.

Next up? Another vegetable imposter! Peas. Apparently they also enjoy masquerading as members of a food group they don't belong to. They are a legume. Like a bean or a peanut. Again, this seems to be something I should have picked up somewhere along the way and I am sure you are thinking right now, "Idiot! How did you not know that?". Well, I didn't! Again, where can you find them? Playing BFF and shelf-mate to the veggies! In fact, check the frozen aisle and you'll find they often team up with their pseudo-veggie friend corn in many a vegetable medley! Which makes the medley less of a "vegetable" medley and more a group of ragtag foods haphazardly thrown together! Talk about false advertising.

I'm sure there are many more things that I have only recently learned or things that I've learned far later than I should have, but these three are the most recent and shocking. Have you only recently found something out that you thought you "knew"? Surely I cannot be the only person to be surprised by random things that everyone else seems to know? I guess it just goes to show that you learn something new every day. Plus, looking at it that way makes me feel less moronic.

So, a totally random post, but you were forewarned by the tag and the first paragraph. I can't help but wonder what I will find out next? What other lies and misconceptions have I gone my entire life not knowing or unaware of? Who knows, only time will tell! Until then, I guess I'll be trying out Starbucks' new blonde roast!

All is well, always learning, in Drosche Land.

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  1. lol I didn't know that about the light roast either!! I would've thought the exact opposite...