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Monday, January 16, 2012

Sunday Snapshot - Surprise!

Well, last you tuned in we (the debate about who gave in first rages on) had caved and decided to find out the gender of #3!  Then, on Friday afternoon, I got a little visit from my beautiful wife in my classroom.  I thought she'd dropped by to say hi on a tour or something but it was far better than that.  One simple question, what would I say that, for a small price, we could find our the gender of #3 early? The very next day?  I gave it some thought for about a second and a half before emphatically agreeing!  There, it was done.  At 9:45 on Saturday morning we would find out the answer much-anticipated question.  Boy or girl?

Now, if you've found yourself overcome with eager anticipation and the inability to control it, you've scrolled down and know the gender of #3 and are scrolling back up to finish reading the text of the post.  If you're more disciplined, you wish I would get on with the text so you could find out!  Ok, I'll go on.

All morning we were on edge as we prepared to formally meet him or her, the time crept by.  Finally we were at the appointment and it was time!  The facility we went to, we went here, was great and we had a fantastic time.  The people were amazingly nice and the environment great for family. The boys enjoyed seeing the ultrasound displayed on a big TV.  At first #3 was uncooperative.  Legs crossed, moving around, definitely a little stinker!  But the sonographers were great and were finally able to get a good view!  Thanks #3!

Are you ready?  Scroll down!

  There SHE is!

Yep, it's a girl!  Amy and I are ecstatic although still somewhat in shock!  Braeden is happy, he had been wanting a baby sister so Mommy wouldn't be the only girl in the house, diplomatic as usual.  Jack wanted a baby brother because, according to him, they are more fun than baby sisters!  He's coming around though, especially after we pointed out that he wouldn't have to share his toys with a baby sister!  :)  We went straight to Babies R Us to get her some things.  We met my mom there and she also enjoyed buying her first granddaughter some things!  Amy's family think it's hilarious and are super excited.  We seem to be following suit though in Amy's family as it seems typical to have 2 children of the same gender close together followed by a break and then the opposite gender!

So, the pink, purple, ruffles, and sparkly things are beginning to accumulate as we excitedly prepare for Little Miss and her arrival!  Below you'll see more of her debut images as well as some of the purchases made for her!  

All is well, picture perfect, in Drosche Land.

 Another good shot of her body!

 Looking directly at us, I'm pretty sure she's grinning!

 The haul which included:

 An outfit for next Christmas!

 Adorable bibs!


 Kitties, pink, and animal print - oh my!

 Floral prints!


Sunday Snapshot

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