"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Name Game

So, now you know that #3 is a GIRL!  You might be wondering about a name.  Funny you should ask, we actually do already have one picked out.  The funny thing is, we've had it picked out for a while and I am in love with it.  But before I disclose that precious tidbit of information a bit of a back story on picking names in Drosche Land.

I'm not sure if I covered this or not with Margaux, but Amy and I kind of have a deal going on, or had one rather.  See, she picked Braeden's name and I picked his middle name - Oliver.  We did this because at the time it seemed fair, that and we could not come to an agreement (she didn't like) on any of the names I was coming up with.  In the end it was a win-win, I love the name Braeden and I have always liked the name Oliver, so I got it worked in.

Jackson has a funnier story.  This time it was my turn to pick the first name and Amy's turn for the middle name.  Jack was a surprise for us and he continues to surprise us every day!  Originally his name was to be Christopher Dallas.  We loved it.  I chose Christopher because at the time I had a dream of an alphabet theme for names in our family: Amy, Braeden, Christopher, Dusty, etc.  Corny?  Yes, but I was adamant.  So we went through the pregnancy referring to him as Christopher.  However, at the very end we both confessed to one another that we weren't feeling the name anymore!  Gasp!  So we changed it literally days before he came along.  I chose Jackson instead, abandoning my alphabet quirk, because I've always loved that name and wanted a son with it.  Amy chose Riley.  It was destined though because I can't imagine him being a Christopher or anything other than a Jack!

The meanings of names mean a lot to us, if we don't like the meaning/derivative then the name never makes it further than the initial mention of it.  So, this brings me to #3.  With both of the boys we came up with the names very easily and in fact had a long lists of "boy names" but we never could become attached to a "girl name".  This time though, call it foreshadowing or wishful thinking, we could not think of the perfect "boy name" for #3, but the "girl name" came very, and unusually, easy.  Funny, huh?  So, there's a little insight into our thought process when choosing names.  Maybe slightly complicated but it works.  

Well, I won't keep you with bated breath any longer so here goes!  Her name is . . .

Stella Pearl!

Stella: Latin for "star".  That she is, our star.  A little bright and shining light in a time when we most needed it.  Plus, how many times had we made wishes and prayers for the blessing of a daughter?

Pearl: This is our connection/nod/tribute to Margaux.  Margaux as you know means pearl and we chose it because she lived in the Pearl River Valley in China.  We love the name Pearl and think it is very fitting to link it to the journey that brought her to us.

So, there you have it.  No longer do I need to refer to the baby as "her" or "#3", we can officially post and discuss Stella Pearl in all her greatness!  

All is well, name-dropping, in Drosche Land.

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