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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday Snapshot - Zoo Boo 2010

Last October we decided to take advantage of some great weather and our membership to the Houston Zoo.  Little did we know it was Zoo Boo.  We were not dressed, we had no buckets, but we did have loads of fun.  This year, we were determined to continue this and make it a family tradition.  Complete with costumes and candy receptacles.  So, we loaded up the car, bought some much-needed new camera batteries, some snacks and headed off to the zoo with Wolverine and Batman in tow.

We could not have asked for better fall weather here in Houston.  So, we made the rounds and tick-or-treated, saw lots of animals out and about (also enjoying the aforementioned weather, and even got in 2 rounds of the Dinosaur exhibit!  Of course you know I went into this planning to get some pictures for the Sunday Snapshot post.  With Amy's camera up and working (a long story for another post) and mine too I was sure we would get several good shots, and we did!  Here are some of the best, both natural and edited.  Enjoy!

Jack in his Batman costume with his pumpkin

 Braeden in his Wolverine costume with his pumpkin

My beautiful wife

 Me and my boys

 Jack at the lion exhibit!

 Braeden and the T-Rex

 There were thousands of mini pumpkins to choose from

 My boys!

Jack being Jack!
Ni Hao Y'all


  1. I just love your posts...we have been going to Zoo Boo for several years now and the kids love it, hopefully they will this year and don't think they are too big...we are headed there next weekend...looks like the boys had a ton of fun and awesome photos!!!

  2. What a fun day! Your boys are cute as can be...oh, great photos, too.

  3. Annasa - I don't think they are too big at all. There were kids there of all ages and it is so much fun! I hope you have a great time next weekend! Monica - Thanks so much, they do know when and how to turn the cute on! :)

  4. It's always great to accidentally stumble upon a new family tradition, isn't it? Looks like you guys had a blast!