"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Sunday, October 03, 2010

The Meeting

So today was the big day.  The day we met with a realtor to take the next step in our latest adventure.  Excitedly nervous, nervously excited.  Take your pick as to how we were feeling.  The day began, of course, with more cleaning as we finished our closet and were reminded of just how ginormous it actually is.  We also finished our bathroom before heading to church.  Before leaving Amy had time to test the paint samples we bought yesterday and, much to our dismay, they were both off, waaaaaay off.  So we were left stressing out about this new discovery.  However, fret for long we did not.  I decided to call the Sherwin Williams by the house, just to see.  Lo and behold they had some of the KB White we needed.  The girl (Jackie if you're ever at the Sherwin Williams at Fry & Clay) did tell us that they stopped making that color because KB stopped using it 2 years ago.  The good news is that they could, by request, make more if someone (us or any other KB homeowner) needed some.  So all is well that ends well with the paint drama.  After church we had enough time to quickly convert Amy's craft room/Scentsy headquarters into an office and tidy up the house before taking a brief break to wait for the realtor.

Overall the meeting went very well, we really like our agent and got some great feedback from him regarding the house.  We were open and realistic with him and he was with us.  We came up with the price we would need to simply break even and of course we are worried about getting that given the current market and our area, but pray and work we will to get as close to that amount as possible.  He had some great things to say about our house and we discussed the positives about it, the kitchen and our upgrades there, the bigger back yard, and the general layout.  The worst news was the fact that we will have to repaint the boys' bathroom.  As it turns out we are likely the only people who would enjoy a bright yellow bathroom with orange and blue spots.  Who knew?  So, bummer, we will just have to get it knocked out in a day, next weekend probably and be done with it.  The good news is that we won't have to paint it with the Sherwin Williams paint!  We can just get some Behr paint & primer in one (if you haven't tried it you really should, it's amazing) in whatever neutral color we want.  

We agreed to list the house in 2 weeks so we don't have much time left to paint and finish cleaning and de-cluttering the rest of the house (namely the remaining closets).  We also need to have the carpets professionally cleaned.  So, the race is on to listing the house, the next step in our adventure.  Oh, by the way, all this prep work, packing, and de-cluttering has lost us a garage as the boxes and cleaning finally took it over.  Luckily the realtor said it was alright to store 75% of our belongings in the garage throughout the process!  On one hand the house has never been so clean and open, on the other it's like we're living in a model house!  Again, all the cleaning makes me wonder about what our house was like before.  I mean I never thought our house was that cluttered, but now I'm beginning to have second thoughts!  

So, we continue the seemingly endless amount of prep work for selling the house and hopefully in 6-9 months (per the realtor's estimate) it will have all paid off!  Until then we clean, box up, rearrange, hide, stage, etc. in every spare minute we have!  Never a dull moment here!

All is well, 2 weeks from listing, in Drosche Land. 

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