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Friday, October 22, 2010

Pain in the A**

So, because things were getting somewhat comfortable and settling in here in Drosche Land, and because the coming months aren't busy enough with birthdays, Thanksgiving, and Christmas life knocked us on our rears.  Quite literally in fact.  Yesterday was TLCC's annual field trip to the pumpkin farm for the kids in Pre-School 3 and Pre-K.  Braeden was stoked about it and it has been the main focus of conversation here for my little mini me over the past week.  So, despite being busy Amy managed to get away and attend the field trip.  Both to be with Braeden and just to be there as the Administrator in charge.  Well, she made it there, but not much further.  See, as she was getting off of the bus she slipped on the stairs and landed on the edge of the bottom step.  On her butt.  So, given the title of this post and the hints and innuendos of this paragraph can you guess what happened?  Yes, she fractured her tailbone.  Busted her butt.  Broke her booty.  The last phrase is the one we actually used to inform the boys of what happened.

So, I'm there at work, enjoying a typical Thursday morning and filling out our Word Wall with short i words.  In walks Julie, our school Secretary, and I could tell immediately that something wasn't kosher.  I figured a parent/lunch/school problem of some sort.  Nope.  Amy was on the phone and I was to take the call right then.  After briefly explaining what had happened she asked that I come and get her and take her to the doctor.  So I raced back to my classroom after securing an emergency sub (THANKS Lori!) and blew out of there.

The pumpkin farm in question is Dewberry Farm.  Way out in Egypt, but only about 10 minutes from our house.  40 minutes (I drove a little fast) later I was helping her to the car.  The original plan was to bring her to her doctor (in the city of course) and have her bum X-rayed.  A few seconds into the car ride she realized that wasn't going to work so we changed plans and headed to an Urgent Care center by our house.  Sure enough it was fractured.  However, as I'm sure many people know, there is nothing you can do for a busted bottom.  Pain management and gritted teeth for 6-8 weeks.  Yes folks, 6-8 weeks.  Mind you she won't be at home for that long, but that is the estimation for total recovery.  

I'm happy to say though that she is doing somewhat better.  Yesterday she was dealing with the excruciating pain and complete immobility.  Today she is only experiencing severe pain but she can (with effort) move about.  We are hoping that it will get slightly better each day and she will be good to head back into work on Monday.  That's the plan for now, we will see how things progress this weekend.  

On a side note, if you are looking for a great pumpkin farm, Dewberry is your place!  We love them and have been going every year to get our pumpkins for a few years now.  However, I must place a disclaimer with this recommendation.  The farm, despite being ├╝ber fun and loaded with great pumpkins, appears to have an air of unluckiness about it.  See, a few years ago I was there on a field trip when I worked at Memorial.  Our good friend Robin was there with her class too.  They have these giant inflated "pillows" (that's what they call them) that you can jump around on.  Think a bouncy house with no walls/trampoline and you've got a good idea.  Anyway, we were bouncing around on that with our kids when her knee blew out.  Long story short she had to be taken away in an ambulance and was bed-ridden, post surgery, for a few months.  So, pumpkin farm or house of pain, call it what you will but it is a blast and you should definitely go.  Check out their website here.  However, you have been warned.  I bear no liability should you go for a fun pumpkin-themed family outing and meet with painful disaster.

So, it's always a new adventure here in Drosche Land, no ands, ifs, or butts about it!  HA!  You know I've been waiting to work that one in somehow!  This is just one more thing to bring excitement into our lives.  By the way, turns out you use your tailbone for just about any kind of movement.  Go figure huh?  Just be glad I told you and you didn't have to learn the hard way.  

All is well, sore from the bottom up, in Drosche Land. 

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  1. Sorry to hear about your injury Amy, my mom broke her tailbone a couple years back and as long as you take it easy, it will heal...the pain should subside within the first two weeks...hang in there and feel better soon!!!!