"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Making A Listing and Checking It Twice

Well, it's been 3 days since the house was officially listed and no sale yet.  Did I really expect it to happen this quickly though?  No (yes?).  I know it's silly, but there is a small part of me that thought we would have this magical, world's fastest sold house experience.  Crazy, I know, but then again looks who's blogging!  :)  But that's ok, we are not ready to move yet, financially at least.  Mentally, we might be getting there, but financially we are nowhere near. So the thought of being homeless after having the title of world's fastest sold house bestowed upon us is less exciting.  So I'll deal with the house being on the market for a while longer.  In my researching of the recent home sales in the area is seems as though 1-3 months is a good guesstimate so I am sure his 6-9 month estimation is very conservative.  Again, no worries all in His time not mine right (Jeremiah 29:11)?  

But Amy is bustin' it (no pun intended) to get us financially ready to move and purchase a new house.  I must say, she is quite impressive.  I'd be lost in debt and eating Ramen noodles (Yum!) without her.  Speaking of bustin' it, she is doing much better.  Still some pain and slow moving, but she is showing progress each day!  Back to the post topic at hand, sorry if I'm a bit scatterbrained but it's late and I just finished this week's homework.  Anyway, the listing.  It is great.  Our realtor managed to get some great shots that highlighted the house's good features.  He also put together some great flyers for the info box on our sign out front!  I know what you're waiting for - the listing.  Well, wait no more, you can find it here.  Go ahead, I'll wait while you check it out. . . . . . . Great huh?  So I have great confidence that this process will continue to move along as smoothly as it has thus far!  I am so glad we used Dave Ramsey's ELP program to find a realtor, we have been very pleased.  

So, spread the word about our house.  Tell your family, your friends, a neighbor you don't like and wish would move, heck - tell a stranger!  I'm super excited and eager to get the ball rolling!  I have a feeling I will soon be blogging about an Open House and/or showing!  Well, at least I hope so.  Until then we wait!

All is well, happily listed, in Drosche Land. 

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