"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Monday, September 05, 2011

Weekend in Review

So, I thought that with the long weekend I would be able to get some blogging done about the things going on around here. Guess I thought wrong. Well, technically it is still the weekend, although not for much longer. I should be heading to bed but wanted to post so I altered the priorities. True to form the extended weekend was busy and full of fun. Though we didn't have too much going on, for once, we still seemed to keep moving.

Saturday we spent the entire day at Amy's Mom's house as I worked with Adam to repair the fence in her backyard. Hurricane Ike got to it a few years ago and it was beyond any further rigging and needed replacement. Luckily it wasn't too unbearably hot, like last weekend's 109! It was only in the mid '90s. I can't even begin to fathom the fact that I'm speaking of the low '90s as a cool relief when it comes to temperature, but alas such is the case when you've been over 100 for more days than you care to keep track of. It was lots of fun and super productive. Turns out I'm not too bad at using a post digger, who knew? Add that to the list of home improvement things I can do!

Sunday we stayed at home with the intention of doing a bunch of nothing. I am proud to say that we did succeed! We had my parents over for dinner but had to grill hamburgers inside because of the ridiculously string winds. I'll take a side note here to state that the winds from these past few days plus a freakishly strong storm from about 2 weeks ago have ravaged the canopy on our gazebo. Yeah, the one I installed and bolted to the deck I built this summer. Oh well, such is life I guess. I think it's still in decent enough shape to provide shade until I can think of future plans. A replacement canopy is a seemingly over-priced option so we shall see.

Today we spent one more day at home but were actually quite busy. It has become a tradition of ours to put up our Halloween decorations during the Labor Day weekend and this year was no exception. Yes, I know it is super early, but who doesn't love a good Halloween season? It all started because it is one of the only times in the upcoming busy months that we will have to do it. I love to decorate the house for the holidays and this is the beginning of it all. We will change decorations out several times over the coming months, ending with Easter before Amy gets to have her house decorations-free for a few months again! After that we cleaned out the boys' closet, again! This time going through clothes and transitioning out the ones they are too big for. This also serves as a sad reminder that the boys are growing up all too quickly! Lastly, tonight was Braeden's first T-Ball practice! He was super excited, me not so much. Baseball is my least favorite sport (although that's not saying much) and I wasn't too keen on a 7:15 pm practice. Turns out it was shorter than we excepted and our practices won't normally be so late. Toss in the fact that the fields are about 10 minutes from our house and it wasn't too bad. Braeden thoroughly enjoyed himself and it seems as though he is going to have a great season! Our next practice is this Saturday and we have a helmet and pants to get before then. We always knew he was a sports fanatic, but turns out he isn't too bad at baseball, he took to it pretty quickly, just like he did to soccer! I took tons of pictures but since it's late and I'm blogging via the iPad, I'll have them ready for another post.

So, I think that's about it. I never did get any great pictures taken for a Sunday Snapshot and was going to use the ones from Braeden's first practice but it's late and getting further away from Sunday, so sadly I will have to skip this week. I'll be back though next week, I promise. Just have to start thinking about what the subject will be. Amy's surgery is still scheduled for Wednesday, barring any further insurance drama so that's the big adventure coming up for us. Hopefully all will go well and we can get things back to normal as soon as possible. Other than that though it appears to be a normal busy week here for us in Drosche Land! We will see what it brings.

All is well, caught up, in Drosche Land.

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