"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Something Wicked

This way has come. As in a plague upon our house. A curse. Some kind of abomination on the inhabitants of Drosche Land. See tonight, just when we thought things might settle down, Braeden gets sick. Yes, you read that correctly. Yet another dramatic medical malady (like the alliteration?) has befallen us. We went about our day as planned and all seemed normal. After Braeden's practice tonight, however, he looked droopy and was whiny, complaining about pretty much everything and, of course, saying he didn't feel good. Sure enough, he has a fever. This should have come to no surprise to us as Amy has been predicting this for a few days, since Jack got better in fact. Never mess with a mother's intuition I guess. So, yet another member of the family, 2 actually, will be home tomorrow as Amy is staying with Braeden. We are hoping it is just tomorrow, that by some stroke of luck it will pass and not be like the illness Jack experienced. However, we are also preparing for the fact that he will be out Friday as well. The worst part is that he has his very first field trip of the school year that day! That and he will miss his first night game tomorrow, he was so excited about having a night game. Bummer!

So, in case you are keeping track, we have been in school for exactly 30 days as of today. In that time at least one of us has been home at least one day a week for the entire year. There has not been one full week when we have all been at school together for the entire week. The first full week of school Amy hurt her shoulder and I missed work with her to go to the doctor. The week after that Braeden was out sick. The week after that was Amy's surgery, with the following week being her recovery. Then there was last week when Jack was out for half the week. And now we have Braeden out. Crazy. I'm not sure what we did wrong, who we angered, or how we stumbled upon this curse, but we've got to get rid of it. Cure ourselves or at least pass it along to some other unsuspecting family. Amy is joking that we need to get all old-school, Bible-style and offer up some goats or lambs as unblemished sacrifices!

Seriously though, something's got to give because I am not sure how much longer we can go on this way! Neither of us are in the position to work from home. Not unless teaching via iChat or Skype becomes an option! Until then I guess we are left with prayers and dealing with it one day at a time. Oh well, hopefully tomorrow brings a miraculous cure and we can resume our daily adventures. We shall see.

All is well, possibly cursed and searching for a goat, in Drosche Land.

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