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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunday Snapshot - Ready & Willing

Yes, I know I just posted but did you really think I was going to miss 2 Sunday Snapshot posts in a row?  No way!  They are some of my favorites and gives me a reason to use my camera.  So, on with this one!  The title refers to my Jack who, as of late, is always eager to be the subject of my shutter-happy addiction!  These are some of him from Braeden's first T-Ball practice where he was so cute and willing to oblige me.  It's how we kept each other occupied when our eyes weren't glued to the field watching Braeden.  The funniest part was that after every picture I took (that he caught me taking at least) he insisted on viewing it.  Guess he wanted total editorial control over his images!  He's a handful, he's goofy, he's sweet, and he's gentle at heart.  He's Jack.

All is well, picture perfect, in Drosche Land.

 He enjoyed popping up from under the bleachers!

 He caught me trying to get a candid shot!

 Didn't catch me this time!

 It was his idea for me to take pictures of him charging toward me!  Very Jack!

My favorite!

 Sunday Snapshot


  1. What.a.cutie!!!

    Love his smile and enthusiasm.


  2. Oh he is really cute! That yellow shirt just makes the pics!