"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Waiting Game

Well, we haven't even officially begun the adoption process and already it is a rollercoaster.  Clearly the term "waiting" will become a frequent part of our vocabulary.  Waiting for us right now has so many differeny meanings.

Waiting 1 - We are waiting until the end of this year/early next year to even apply to adopt since we will not both be 30 until Amy's birthday in August 2011.  Until then we just read, research, and pray about it.  Not much else to do.

Waiting 2 - The latest meaning this word has for us it via The Waiting Child program.  As we read more and more about the adoption process from China, it is clear that the wait is long, very long.  As mentioned before the current wait time is about 40 months.  But that is as of now, not in 18 months when we are able to submit our paperwork.  By then who know?  The Waiting Child program is a slightly different method of adoption.  The children in this program are either (a) older, above 5 or (b) special needs.  The definition of special needs is broad and covers things one could deem as "simple" such as vision problems, to more severe needs.  Amy and I have of course looked into this and prayed and discussed at length.  It is something we are open to.  There are "special needs" we could handle both monetarily and emotionally.  We are currently signed up for a Waiting Child Webinar on Tuesday night that will give us more insight and information into this program.  This will help us to better understand the program and make an informed decision.  We are both very excited about it as it is the first active thing we will get to participate in regarding adoption.  

Waiting 3 - Once we apply we will begin to wait as we assemble our dossier, complete our home study, and of course wait for Amy's 30th birthday.

Waiting 4 - Once we submit all of our paperwork we wait for approval to adopt before we can do anything else.

Waiting 5 - Once we receive approval we will be able to view and select a child (assuming we go with The Waiting Child program, which we are leaning toward due to the shortened "wait time" to adopt).  When we find our child, we wait again to receive approval for the child.

Waiting 6 - Once we receive approval we get to wait for our travel dates to China.

That's a lot of waiting.  I am sure there is a lot more I am leaving out, I am still a novice at the whole concept of China adoption.  I am sure as we get further into the process there will come new definitions for waiting.  Time will tell.

Why, do you ask, am I writing about this?  Good question.  Therapy I guess is one answer, an outlet for the emotions that come with this.  If this is how I am before we have officially begun, can you imagine what I will be like when we are fully into it?  :)  Also, Amy and I have been reading more, as has become the norm once the boys go to bed.  There is a lot of negative news out there about wait times and the China adoption process as a whole.  What if it doesn't happen?  What if China is not the right choice for us?  What if, what if, what if?  The questions and doubts swirled.  I got a little (Amy would say a lot) down on everything, so off to the blog I went.  To whine, vent, ramble, etc.  Regardless, it has actually helped.  Does anyone read this?  Who knows, I installed a counter to find out! :)  But readers or not, I am enjoying this new addiction of blogging.  Keeping family and friends updated about our family and this new adventure we are entering, and just talking; both are very theraputic and fun.

But I digress.  I guess it's time to stop this rambling, at times nonsensical post.  But I end it in a better mood than when I began, even if slightly.  All is well, as we wait, in Drosche Land.       

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