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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Artsy Fartsy

BNo. This post isn't about flatulence. Although, with two boys ages 7 and 8 (and myself) the fart humor does abound here in Drosche Land. I mean, it's a guy thing right?  Plus it's funny. But enough about that, again this post isn't about flatulence. 

Nope. I'm talking about the arts here. Culture people. Performing and visual. See, last week was a big week for the arts here in Drosche Land, specifically Wednesday. 

Wednesday is Chapek day and Braeden's 3rd Grade class was leading it. The topic was humility and they did a performance of the Dr. Seuss story, Yertle the Turtle. A classic. I love it and read it to my students every year for Dr. Seuss Day.  So I was excited to hear this. More so when I learned that Braeden would be playing the titular role of Yertle. Now. You'll remember from prior posts that he was not always so keen on being in front of people. For anything. A performance?  Nope. An award?  No thank you. Alone or group?  Not a chance. Then last year came and he landed the role of an extra in the school play. I don't know what changed, but it did. And I am so glad it did. So, the Chapel service. It was simple and to-the-point. Some of the kids took turn reading the story aloud while others silently acted it out. So not only was he the main character and thus, center of attention, but he also had to do actual actions throughout it all.  He rocked it. He did such a great job and truly enjoyed it. I was so proud and recorded it all on my iPhone 6 Plus (thank goodness for 64 gig) for Amy to watch. She was, of course, just as proud as I was.  But I think Braeden himself was the proudest of all, and that may be the best part.  Confidence building at its finest folks!

But the fun didn't stop there. Jackson had his moment to shine during Chapel also.  See, every year our Art teacher takes samples of student work that she has collected to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, to be entered into their School Art Program. Earlier this year my class did farm pictures with chalk as they were learning about blending and shading. Jackson drew a beautiful picture of a cow. I loved it and the Art teacher even commented on how proud she was of it. But it was never sent home.  I was hoping she would enter it but eventually I forgot. Then about a week before the Chapel service last week she excitedly told me that he'd received a ribbon for his work after she'd entered it at the Rodeo!  Awesome!  I was so proud!  Flash forward to the big day and it turns out he received a 1st Place ribbon!  His work has been on display in the entry at school since then!  I've always been into art myself, I love it. Art History was my favorite class in college, aside from education courses. I dabbled in photography in high school and received some ribbons and medals from competitions. But life happened and art and photography fell to the wayside. I've always still loved it but not really devoted much time to it. I've enjoyed taking pictures of the kids, as you know, but that's as far as I've gotten.  So I'm very pleased to think that my love of art may have been passed down to one or more of the kids. Very proud.

It's also reminded me of how much I love it. Maybe I'll get more serious about it. Who knows?  But for now I'm riding high on the boys and their successes and that is just fine with me. #proudpapa

All is well, patron of the arts, in Drosche Land. 

Braeden as Yertle the Turtle. 

The artist. 

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