"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Monday, February 02, 2015


So last night was the big game you know the one. 

Yeah, I'm not really a sports person. Shocker, I know. But Amy and the boys love sports, especially Amy and Braeden. So while the game was on I busied myself doing other things. Dishes, laundry, packing lunches, lesson planning, etc. I also proclaimed myself to be the official social media spokesperson for the family, checking Twitter and Facebook during the game to update and inform everyone of the goings on. You know, everyone has their gift. 

I'm really into the Super Bowl for the commercials and the food. Amy likes to say that I'm an advertiser's dream. Visual, short attention span, easily persuaded, want the newest/latest/greatest. Can't argue there. So they sweetly called me into the room whenever the commercial breaks came, ensuring that I wouldn't miss any of the good ones. 

Budweiser and Dove Men Care made me tear up, not going to lie. Lindsay Lohan was funny in a self-mocking way.  There were many other good ones but everyone seems to be focusing on the melancholy and sad ones, in particular the Nationwide spot. I actually missed this one somehow but have seen it since. Regardless of your feelings about the commercial itself, everyone is talking about Nationwide so it would seem as though it were a few million dollars well spent. 

Then there's the halftime show, another of my favorites. Katy Perry. Lenny Kravitz. Missy Elliot. It was good. The boys now want a giant animatronic lion to ride, and loved the fact that there were people inside the legs moving it. I myself would like a fun shark costume to dance around in, but who doesn't really?  I also want to jam to some old school Missy Elliot so I'll have to dig around in my CDs when I get the chance.  Yes CDs. From back in the day when all off our music wasn't stored in The Cloud. Crazy. I thought the halftime show was awesome and Katy Perry killed it. Well done. 

Last but not least, the food. We eat pretty healthy here in Drosche Land as you know and stick to all natural and/or organic for just about everything. But some occasions, such as last night, call for some good old fashioned junk food. Chips and dip. Pizza rolls (holla). Taquitos. Jalapeño poppers (Jackson has now become a fan and the spicy food lover in me is proud). Yum. It's nice to splurge every once in a while. All things in moderation right?  But now I'm hungry and it's far too late for a snack. 

Oh. And the Seahawks and Patriots played a football game. Apparently it was a good one. The Patriots won. There was a fight. Thus concludes my knowledge and interest in the game itself. 

Regardless of our differing opinions on sports, commercials, music, and food, the Super Bowl provided us with a fun even to gather together as a family and hang out. Isn't that part of the fun of the big day too?  Memories. Good time. How did you spend it?  Glued to the TV for the game?  The commercials?  Hovering around the snack table?  Whatever you did, I hope you had as much fun as we did here in Drosche Land.  Things settle down here sports wise for a while, thank goodness. That is of course, until I lose them all again in about a month to March Madness. Oh well, at least there will be good food again!

All is well, super in fact, in Drosche Land. 

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  1. I watched more football from the age of 7 to 20 than many people do in a lifetime. Then I just quit. All I watched was a few plays hubby said I "had to" see. Bug watched the half-time. I made cheese dip.
    As to music formats, you can't beat an old 8 track player if you are gonna be out in the mud. Rinse that baby, blow it out. Lick the tape. Stick it in and jam again.
    Life & Faith in Caneyhead