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Monday, February 11, 2013

Sunday Snapshot - 8 Months

She's 8 months old.  Well, actually, 8 months and one week if we're going to be specific. Can you believe it?  8 months.  She's full on eating regular food now and, in fact, refuses to be fed from a spoon.  Instead, she likes to feed herself.

She's not crawling, not yet.  She's close though, so close.  As sad as it is that she's growing so quickly, I have to admit I'm ready for her to crawl.  Mainly because she is not a happy camper when she's attempting it!  Not at all!

She can't crawl, and she has yet to truly roll over consistently, but she's also working on pulling up and standing.  That's a bit further off though, hopefully.  I could be wrong though and she'll skip this all and go straight to walking.  Wouldn't that be just like our little strong-willed girl to buck the system and forgo developmental milestones in order to do things her way?  Yes, yes it would.

This photo shoot was a bit different.  She was a lot more serious and reserved.  The pictures turned out great though, I think, and show just another of her many sides.  One of my favorite shots (the next one down) looks as though she is thinking, "Seriously Dad?  Another picture?".  I love it, a glimpse into future teen years!

See what I mean?  HA!  I do want to share something though, about the yellow dress she's wearing.  It has a special story behind it. See, when Amy was pregnant with Braeden, Granny bought it.  She obviously never got the chance to give it to us since he, and then Jackson, turned out to be a boy.  Sadly, you might remember, she passed away right when we were in the early stages of the adoption process with Margaux.  You might remember the special story about her involvement with that.  Well, as it turns out she also had a special gift for Stella, we just didn't know it all at the time.  When my Mom found out we were having Stella, she gave us the yellow dress.  So, once again, Granny has been able to provide something special for us.  She obviously still looking down on us and taking care of us.  So, the yellow dress in these pictures holds a special meaning, making the pictures a little sweeter, and a little more sentimental.

So, there you have it. 8 months.  Time is flying but we're still managing to catch it in pictures.  One month closer to her big day.  What will 9 months bring us?  What will she wear?  She's already in 18 month clothes and growing faster than the boys ever did!  This makes for future photo shoot planning a little difficult.  But I'm sure we'll find something.  Until then, 8 months old and counting!

All is well, picture perfect, in Drosche Land.


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