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Friday, December 21, 2012


From the picture above I think it's probably clear as to whose teeth this post is referring to. Yep. That's right. Another milestone in Stella's life has come. Well, truth be told it came a week or so ago. She'd been teething for a few weeks and it was slow going. Still, we can't complain because her first teething experience was far smoother than either of the boys' was. Sure there was fussiness and crying, but nothing compared to what we'd been through before.

So, there she was teething for what seemed an eternity. Then one morning she woke up and bam: teeth! I've been trying since then to get a good picture of them but she's not always cooperative. The fact that they're on the bottom doesn't help either. But yesterday during snack time I was finally able to get a big enough grin/laugh out of her to capture them!

I can't believe she's got teeth. I mean we're at 6 1/2 months here and each and every day continues to bring something new! She's sitting up on her own nearly 98% of the time and is grabbing anything within her reach to put in her mouth. She still hasn't rolled over, much to our dismay. We know she can do it, but she seems content to just not roll over. Oh well, it'll probably be that she's crawling before we get to officially see her roll over.

I addition to the bottom two teeth we think she's already hard at work on the top ones. That's how Braeden did it. He went from toothless to toothy in a few weeks. We'll see if she follows in his footsteps.

So just wanted to stop and share another life event with you dear readers. That and I needed a break from the cleaning/laundry/packing whirlwind that's going on right now in Drosche Land as we prepare to head to Kansas. I wanted to try and schedule some posts before we left in case I didn't get to blog during our travels but we will see how that goes. Well, back to work now I guess!

All is well, with one more toothy grin, in Drosche Land.

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