"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Saturday, September 15, 2012


Well, we knew it was coming.  It had been in the back of our minds for a few years in fact.  But today it finally happened.  Braeden got glasses.  I've mentioned before, here, he has always had a slight strabismus/lazy eye.  We had it checked out a few years ago and confirmed by the opthamologist.  This past summer it reared its head again at his 6-year check up.  We've been watching it and also looking for signs that his vision was weakening.  This morning it was very noticeable so, as there is no time like the present, Amy made an appointment for him and they went off.

The appointment lasted a ridiculously long time and poor Amy and Braeden were stuck at the optometrist's office for like 3 hours.  I'm sure the fun wore off early on.  But he was a trooper and made it through the exam and the dilating of his pupils without any problems.  As it turns out he does have a light vision problem so we decided to act on it now as we'd been suspecting it for so long.

Then the fun began, trying on the frames.  He's a little dude with a proportionately-sized head so many of the frames were just too big.  However, they did manage to find a pair that fir perfectly and he loves them!  Score!  Another perk about having him in my class is the fact that we don't have to explain this to his teacher.  That he needs to wear them in class but not at PE or recess.  That he's been told how to properly take care of them.  One less step to take in the process.

He's always been so self conscious about what others think about him, so naturally we were a little worried about how he'd take the news.  Luckily, he seems unphased and is actually pretty excited about it.  For now at least.  He does have a classmate that occasionally wears her pair of glasses when she remembers, but other than that he's the only one.  Trendsetter?  Well, he is my son!  :)

The one downside to his glasses?  Although he is adorable in them, he looks so much more mature and grown.  A quick reminder that he is no longer a baby or little kid.  Sigh!  At least the adorableness of it all outweighs that and we can pretend for a bit longer to be blissfully unaware at the lightening pace of their growth.  For now we focus on a fun milestone.  That and trying not to need the one-year warranty we purchased to cover the lenses and frames!

Sporting his "3D" glasses, post eye exam!

Seriously, how adorable?
Seriously, 6 years old?

All is well, and clearly seen, in Drosche Land.

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