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Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Shot Through the Heart

You're totally rocking out to Bon Jovi now aren't you?  Finishing the line of the 80's classic song?  Maybe playing a little air guitar?  I've never been one for the air guitar, not my instrument, but I do love me some 80's music. But I digress.

So this post is about a shot, or shots, but not through the heart. More into some chubby baby legs. Yep, I'm talking Stella and her 2 Month immunizations. Now. I'll have to preface this post by stating that I was not at said doctor's appointment. My wonderful wife takes the kids to get their shots. If you've ever done so you know it's not an easy job. Definitely one that I cannot handle. I think I've done it once, when Braeden was a baby. It didn't go well. There was crying and pain. He didn't take it well either. So Amy takes the kids. Such was the case with Stella's appointment last week.

Now, there's always a debate raging on the topic of childhood immunizations. Should you or shouldn't you?  Do they work or don't they?  Do they have horrible side effects or not?  Well, to each their own, but we've always gotten them. Do I think that some people have negative reactions to them.  If I didn't before I do now!  Stella's didn't go well. She got sick, if you catch my drift, after the oral one. All over the place. Then of course she ran a low-grade fever, as the boys always have, for a day of so after. But she's also been super congested and snurgly since then. Yes. I made that last word up but it describes it very well. You know what I mean. Snotty and gurgly and stuffy.

Now, is this related to the immunizations or simply some bad coincidental timing for a cold?  Who knows?  All we can say is that we'll be proceeding with caution at her next shot appointment at 4 months. In the mean time we wait for her to get over her congestion and snurgly-ness. Hopefully that ends soon.

Oh and forgive any spelling errors as I'm writing this at 2:14 am via my iPhone and sans glasses. I'm waiting for a certain little snurgly girl to fall asleep after her bottle!  Thanks for understanding.  :) Oh and you can get back to rocking out to Bon Jovi now too!  Shot through the heart, and you're to blame. You give love a bad name . . .

All is well, snurgly, in Drosche Land.

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