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Monday, January 20, 2014

Top Photos of 2013: 17, 18, 19

Behind.  Again.  

Moving on.

So, here I am on the final day of the blog hop.  Since I am behind, I decided to do 2 separate posts for today.  One to catch up to today and then one devoted to my favorite photo of 2013.  Honestly, I have yet to secure one in mind.  I'm hoping for a sudden epiphany here any minute!  So, on with 17, 18, 19.


Yes, another black and white shot.  This one is of the boys, I decided to play fair since the last one was Stella.  This picture was taken at the beach right at the end of summer vacation.  It was the last little trip we took before school began and the busyness of life resumed.  I love beach shots; there's just something about the sky, water, and sand that makes such a great shot to me.  I love the way that the boys are silhouetted against the water here.  Just a quick snap of them playing and a little editing and I think it turned out great!


This picture cracks me up and never fails to make me laugh.  The memory behind it is something that makes it a favorite.  This was taken at Braeden's 7th birthday party in May.  We were newly thrust into Stella's milk and soy allergy and were still learning how to wrap our heads around it and find alternatives for her to eat.  She obviously couldn't have cake and ice cream with everyone else so we bought her a fruit sorbet.  This was the reaction she gave us to the fruity tartness.  Everyone died laughing as Amy fed it to her and Stella squinted and puckered.  I started snapping.  Despite the face she loved it and enjoyed quite a bit.  Good times.


2013 was also the year we began gardening.  We had some initial success with tomatoes (seen above) as well as a bountiful harvest of herbs.  However, our numerous attempts to grow vegetables have failed miserably.  For a brief and fleeting moment we had visions of growing a wider variety of our own fruits and vegetables and enjoying them year-round.  Then reality set in and we enjoyed very sporadic treats from our garden.  2014 will prove to be the year of the herb garden only here in Drosche Land as that is what Amy and I have decided we do best.  But we do have the picture above, and a few others, to show that we gave it a good try!

Ok, so are you salivating at what might be my favorite picture of the year?  Kids?  Food?  a selfie?  I'll keep you wondering just a but longer and will post it later tonight.  I have something in mind.  Nothing earths shattering but definitely a favorite that keeps coming to mind.  Hope you've enjoyed the first 19.

All is well, picture perfect, in Drosche Land.

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