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Friday, January 31, 2014

Five for Friday

So, one of the blogs I follow is A Teeny Tiny Teacher.  She is hilarious.  She blogs about all kinds of great things, not just teaching.  Although the teaching things are awesome.  Anywho.  She posts weekly to this linky party and I thought it would be fun to join.

Well, I've been thinking that for a while, but have procrastinated.  So, here I am.  Let's see how it goes.  5 things from this past week?  Doesn't sound too hard.  Maybe it could become a fun weekly addition here in Drosche Land.

So you know I love me some Walking Dead.  I was all caught up with what Netflix had to offer and was sad that I couldn't watch the new season that I'd been hearing so much about via Facebook and Instagram.  Then we got cable again.  Did I mention that before?  Well, we did and I guess it's a post for another time.  So, we got Xfinity and just the other day I found that The Walking Dead, Season 4 is available On Demand!  What up!  Plus it is available on their mobile app!  Sweet!  I'm watching it on the iPad right now as I post.  Maybe I can get caught up on the first half of the season before the second half begins on February 9.  Dream big!

Stella didn't have school yesterday and today because the EC Program was closed so the teachers could attend the big EC Conference.  So I had to take off of work yesterday and today to keep her at home.  As luck would have it today was Special Visitors Day at Epiphany and I got to be Jackson's special visitor!  It was so much fun.  It was really a great experience to be able to attend since, as teachers, we sometimes miss out on these kinds of things.  It just goes to show you, there's always a silver lining!

Last week we finished up a unit on Rocks & Soil and we were able to make edible rocks to review the 3 main types - igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic.  This was originally planned for last Friday but our crazy Ice Days (see #4) have been getting in the way around here so we finally got around to it on Wednesday.  The kids had a blast and I truly think they gained a better understanding of what we learned.  In case you were wondering the top is igneous (formed from liquid rock in the Earth's core: melted chocolate chips that harden), the bottom left is sedimentary (layers of sediment hardened together: graham crackers and frosting), and the bottom right is metamorphic (3 different Starburst candies changed into a new rock through heat and pressure (our squishing hands)).  So much fun, I LOVE my job!

You get 3 pictures for this one.  Maybe you live in the MidWest and think this is just chilly weather.  Maybe you live in the North and think this is nothing.  Well, I can assure you that we down here in the South are not prepared for the crazy weather have been having over the past week or so.  Sure, we get cold weather, but never so much at once.  I can't recall any time when we have had an Ice Day, much less 2, but that is what we have had in the past 2 weeks.  Last Friday and this past Tuesday.  Crazy.  On the other hand, it provided for some impromptu family time to relax at home and bake cookies.  Again, another silver (albeit icy) lining.

Grits.  Yum.  Need I say more?  Another benefit to Ice Days are the big breakfasts that come along with it.  I mean, you have to stay warm right?  May as well find a delicious way to do it.  Thanks to my wonderful wife, this way will always be available to me.  Grits.  Yum.

So, that's this past week.  Nothing huge.  Nothing special.  I'm sure there were lots of other things that happened but these are some highlights.  That was fun!  A weekly post would be fun.  Hope you enjoyed the week as much as I did.


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