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Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Top 20 Photos of 2013: 8


Always a busy and rough month here in Drosche Land.  As I am sure it is in the household of any other teacher during the month.  But since we are both teachers, it only enhances the whirlwind.  August 2013 was no different.  Well, with one exception.

#8: August

Yep.  Remember?  August was the month when Jackson broke his arm.  Right before school started nonetheless.  This picture was taken by Amy when she took him to the ER right after it happened.  He had to be put into twilight to set it.  Poor little guy, he was such a trooper though.  The next 8 weeks would see him with 2 different casts to make sure it was healed properly.

The first break in Drosche Land.  Well, not the first.  Technically the first was when Jackson broke his nose when he was about 18 months/2 years.  But it was slight and nothing could be done.  Therefore the arm gets the honor of being the first break, but of course it was Jackson again.  No surprise there.  The casts didn't slow him down one bit though and all turned out well.  Sadly, I doubt it will be the last broken bone we see.  Hopefully we are as lucky the next time as we were this time!

All is well, picture perfect, in Drosche Land.


  1. Hello again.
    What a cute little guy
    Wretch who broke his arm.
    Hope it's really nice healed so that he does not get some but this.
    It is so horrible when there are children who hurt themselves
    When one wishes that it was a self lying there instead.
    Embrace him away from me and say that I thought verligen sorry for him.
    Children are so brave and tough.
    Much better than we adults when it comes to stuff like this.
    Kramizzz Have a real good day

  2. Hi Dusty, young children are extremely susceptible to breaks and other injuries. I broke my arm playing football (soccert o you!) when I was 8