"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Sunday, March 17, 2013



As in Spring Break.  But also a break in general.

As you've noticed, maybe or maybe not, I haven't been around much lately and this is my first post for the month of March.  Well, I just needed a break.  I love me some blogging and reading blogs, but I just needed a break.  Know what I mean?  So I took one.  Nothing major going on, just a little break.  It also coincided with Spring Break so this post will as well.  But, I'm back now and rejuvenated.  Ready to resume posting and reading with renewed excitement!  Thanks for the warm welcome back.

So anywho.  Spring Break.  It was last week.  With Amy back in the classroom this was our first Spring Break together where we had off as a family.  Crazy huh?  We were stoked and could not wait for the extra time together.  We didn't have any major plans.  Just hanging around home.  A staycation so to speak.  It all began last Saturday with a trip to the drive in theater!  Have you ever been?  If not, I highly recommend it if there is one near you.  The one way out by our house is The Showboat Drive In.  We have been several times before and we never fail to have a fun time.  It's way cheaper than a traditional theater and the kids don't have to be super quiet or seated (a good thing when you have 2 boys!).  The original plan was to meet up with the cousins and make it a family thing, but sadly they began to get sick with flu-like symptoms Saturday morning (insert ominous music here).  But, Amy and I had promised the boys and we were really looking forward to it so we headed out anyway.  We went and saw Oz the Great and Powerful.  Side note: LOVED the movie.  I'm a big Wizard of Oz/Wicked fan so this was right up my alley.  Awesome and highly recommended!  The boys both enjoyed it as well and Stella did great, sleeping in her carseat as we watched the movie.  We didn't stay for the 2nd feature this time because we were tired.

Amy and I at the windy drive-in!

The kids enjoying some pre-movie playtime!

Sunday brought about a relaxing day at home where the biggest event was visiting a farmer's market near our house.  We picked up some veggies and Amy got 2 tomato plants to add to the garden.  Sadly, many of our little plants did not make it.  Maybe I don't have as green of a thumb as I thought?  Maybe I'm just not as diligent with watering as I should be?  Regardless, this farmer isn't giving up so easily.  On Monday we stayed home and worked in the garden, planting Amy's new tomato plants, some green beans we transplanted from inside (they'd been the sole survivors but I'm not sure how they're fairing outside), and carrots.  So our foray into an edible garden will begin on a slightly smaller scale than we'd originally planned, but we're still hopeful for a bountiful harvest of tomatoes, green beans, and carrots.  We'll plant more on the next go-round.

Looks good now, fingers crossed for harvest time!

Amy and the boys planting flowers

Hard at work!

On Tuesday we decided to once again purchase a membership to the Houston Zoo!  We've had one before and loved it.  Amy and I love the zoo and the boys do as well, especially Jackson.  Plus, with a membership we foresee many fun, and free, trips over the summer!  Stella did alright for her first time.  She loves her schedule, so being off of it a bit, along with the unexpected heat, made her a bit cranky at first.  Then she quieted down and looked around, eventually falling asleep in the stroller.  The boys had a great time and we left pleased with our purchase.  However, (remember the ominous music from before?) when we returned home we discovered that Jackson had fever.  Crap!  Well, at least it was over Spring Break and just the beginning.  So we began the beloved and well-known Tylenol/Motrin regimen and made plans to relax on Wednesday as he recovered.  

Then Wednesday came and brought a fever for Braeden.  Double crap!  Add another patient to the regimen.  Long story short, they held on to their fevers all week long.  Jackson becoming fever-free yesterday and Braeden today.  Luckily this means that we won't have to miss any work next week for illnesses (fingers crossed).  Another silver lining is that the unexpected sickness forced us to slow down and enjoy more time at home.  Our backyard camp out and fishing trip (two other Spring Break plans) have been postponed to Easter Break.

Adam came down from Nebraska at the end of the week since his Spring Break is next week and it was great to have him back for a bit since we hadn't seen him since Christmas and he hasn't been here in H-Town since last May.  We all enjoyed seeing him and he and I got to hang out Thursday night together.  

All in all it was a great Spring Break, even if it wasn't the one we'd planned.  We enjoyed some fun family time together and got to actually take a break from routine and rest a bit.  Funny how HE makes time for that even when we don't right?  So tomorrow we get back to our routine and I am not the least bit tired!  4:30 am will come all too soon so I must force myself to sleep here in a bit or I run the risk of some serious dragging in the morning.  So I'll sign off for now.  I also took Stella's 9 month pictures, but I will save those for their own post, maybe tomorrow.  

It's good to be back.  I've missed you dear readers and I've missed blogging.  Don't worry though, all is well and I've got a lot to say.  The A to Z Challenge is just around the corner.  I'm still thinking about a theme so I'd better hurry on that!  Yikes!  Let's hope for some divine inspiration over the next few days!

All is well, post-break, in Drosche Land.   

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