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Thursday, December 08, 2011

Sick & Tired

Well, I'm here. 'Tis the season to be ridiculously busy! But all is well here, just busy. Last week I was MIA for a while due to the busyness and a little added drama. Thursday afternoon I ended up having to take Amy to the ER because her nausea was so bad and she couldn't keep anything down. Luckily for us it seems to have been a bug and severe dehydration rather than her (now usual) morning/afternoon/evening/every time in between sickness. Yes, this pregnancy has been rough for my poor beautiful wife. She swears that being pregnant at 30 is a world of difference from being pregnant in your 20's. She's had pretty severe nausea for the entire time (11 weeks if you're tracking the baby). Sadly she's gotten used to it and it is getting slightly better. That and it is somewhat manageable with the variety of anti-nausea medicine she always has on hand. I'm telling to, after watching her this time I know for sure He knew what He was doing when he made me a guy. In addition to my nonexistent pain threshold, I loathe being sick. Well, not that anyone does enjoy it, but I'm a big (slightly whiny) baby when I'm sick. I know I couldn't handle being pregnant!

Once we finally decided that it was a bug that took her down and she was on the mend, the vicious bug struck again! Braeden came down with a fever on Sunday night. Of course right?! I stayed out with him Monday as you may recall from my last post but had to run in to work to prepare for my Sub. Good thing I did though because Jack got sick when I was getting ready to leave and bring Braeden home! So, an impromptu Boys Day occurred as we headed home. Their fevers went down but not away so Amy stayed home with them on Tuesday. As the week draws to a close we all finally seem to be settling into our usual routine, just in time for the weekend!

So, that wraps up the "sick" portion of this post. Onto then"tired" part. Well, after these past two weeks and the fact that it's December and there are only (gasp!) 5 days left until Christmas break you can imagine the amount of fatigue going around. Hopefully the weekend and upcoming break will renew and rejuvenate us! If nothing else the joys of the season will bring a welcome and pleasant distraction!

As I close this post I wonder if I've used this title before? Hmmmm? It wouldn't surprise me if I had. I guess I should peruse my archives? Oh well. I'll consider it virtual recycling!

All is well, recovering and resting, in Drosche Land.

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  1. I sure hope Amy feels better soon!! I know how terrible morning sickness is! I always wondered why they called it morning sickness. I always thought they should have called it forever sickness.

    Hopefully this week will be better!!!