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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Take Me Out To the Ball Game

Today was Jackson's first baseball game.

I'm not sure if I've posted about it before or not, but we signed him up for spring baseball at school.  It's with most of his classmates in school, the same boys that he played soccer with in the fall.  The same boys that played basketball together over the winter, but we took a break and skipped that sport.  He had such a great time with soccer and it's a comfortable and easy transition for him into sports.  The familiarity of the players, the coaches (players' dads), practice at school.  It all makes for a good way for him to get into a sport.

There wasn't such a team for Braeden at school to join and we missed the deadlines for all of the teams we looked into.  But, such is life.  He is alright with it, for the most part.  Plus, instead of joining a summer league, he wanted to go away to camp for a week.  We were very supportive about that idea so our funds were allotted to that.  Next year he will be in 4th Grade and will likely be able to play up on the school's JV teams, soccer and maybe basketball.  We are all so excited about that.

Jackson never played Tee Ball like Braeden did so many years ago.  He was too young when Braeden played and then the boys got into soccer.  So it was understandable that we were all nervous about his foray into a new sport, especially because his first time at bat (literally and figuratively) would be coach pitch and he's already broken his nose before.  But we went forward with it, full of timid excitement and eagerness.

Sadly though I had to miss today's opening game for the season.  Braeden was involved in PSIA, an academic competition, and had his Spelling test this morning.  At the same time as Jackson's game.  On the other side of town.  So Amy and I split up and kept each other updated via texts and pictures.  What did parents do before smart phones?  Before cell phones?  Thank goodness we don't live in those dark ages and can instantly remain updated and see the action in real time, regardless of our location.

So, it was a busy day here in Drosche Land.  Braeden did not do as well as he would have liked in his competition and his day fell short of expectations.  However, it was his first time and he now have gained experience that will be valuable next year when we prep for the competition.  Jackson, on the other hand, experienced a day filled with newness and winning.  He himself made 3 runs and his team won the game!  He, as everyone else, was very proud.  Mixed emotions for us all though, cheering up a downed son and cheering on an elated one.  But, such is the life of a parent I guess.

But the day is drawing to a close and everyone is tired and relaxing.  Our weekends belong to baseball until May so many hot, tired, and sunburned days lie ahead.  But it will surely be fun and worth it.

All is well, win or lose, in Drosche Land.

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  1. I breathed a quiet little sigh of relief that neither of my kids ever asked/wanted to compete in sports. Bubba did think he wanted to play football in Jr. High, but halfway through summer practice, he decided that wasn't for him. I see parents jumping through hoops and disrupting all family routine getting children involved in everything that comes down the pike. I can't see that. One activity per child at a time is enough in my book.