"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Thursday, March 19, 2015


So you know that here in Drosche Land we are always looking for ways to stay healthy and natural.  Eating, drinking, cooking, living, etc.  Jackson and Stella forever changed the way we live, for the better of course, with their diagnoses.  

We have seen so many positive benefits to the many changes we have made.  It's given us the motivation to continue to research, learn, and change.  We've cut out nearly all artificial colors and flavors, preservatives, chemicals, dyes, and are continuing to work on converting as much of our diet to organic and/or as possible.  It's an ongoing process and we are enjoying it and the rewards it has brought us.

For some time Amy has been intrigued by essential oils.  A friend of hers from her Handbell Choir introduced her to them via the company Young Living.  So, naturally, she began to research, read, and learn as much as she could about it.  Then she brought it to me.  I hadn't thought about it or heard to much about it so I listened and then began to look into it myself.  It was interesting, made sense, and sounded like something that was right up our alley and in line with our lifestyle.  So, last week, Amy talked to my Mom about it, who also was interested.  Amy then signed up to be a distributor for Young Living and they both placed their first orders.  

There are many reasons why we have become interested in essential oils, but I'll focus on Jackson for this post.  As you know from my past posts, his ADHD symptoms have worsened and we believe it is time for a tweak to his medication.  He also has been sleeping very poorly.  It is our hope that, through the use of essential oils, we can help Jackson manage his ADHD via a natural way.  Now, we are not taking him off of the medication, nor do we think we can "cure" him.  That's not at all what this is about.  It is just another way for us to equip him with as many tools as we can to lead a successful life and manage his ADHD.

In addition to the Young Living order, Amy also ordered some diffusing jewelry through Sacred Arrow for us all; leather necklaces for the boys and leather bracelets for Stella, Amy, and I.  As soon as we received the orders we began to use the Peace & Calming with Jackson, via a diffuser in the boys' bedroom at night and his necklace 24/7.  We began to notice results within the first day.  He has slept wonderfully, without waking, for 5 days now.  His behavior has also been a lot calmer; he has much better control over his actions and emotions.  Granted we have been on Spring Break so our schedule has been a lot more laid back and easy, but we have been quite pleased with the results thus far.  Once school resumes next week we will see how things continue to progress.  We pushed back his appointment with his doctor until April since we had enough of his medication to last until then.  This will also give us a chance to see how the inclusion of essential oils continues to impact everything.  

So, that's what is new here in Drosche Land; the next adventure we are partaking in.  So far we are excited about it and eager for what lies ahead.  Like I said earlier, this post was Jackson-centric.  I'll post more about our plans for essential oils for Stella and the rest of us in later writings.  So stay tuned.

All is well, oily and happy, here in Drosche Land.     


  1. Oh, I'm excited to see how the oils work when the schedule gets back to normal.

    1. Thanks! So are we! We have another order coming on Monday too!