"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Trading Up

Spring Break. It's pretty much over. The last few hours of Sunday are waning away and the fun of the past week is quickly becoming a memory. Tomorrow life resumed and things get back to normal.

We had a great Spring Break and truly enjoyed ourselves. As usual we were super busy the entire time and I now need a vacation to recover from Spring Break, but I'd probably just make more plans rather than vegging out like I'd like to do so maybe it's best that there isn't one. But enough about Spring Break. I'll post more on that later, I've got something else to talk about here. Plus I'm not done sorting through all of the vacation pictures. 

So. Trading up. You know that Amy and I love camping. You also know that this past summer we purchased a pop-up camper. We loved it. Sure, our first couple of attempts were fraught with drama and are memorable for all the wrong reasons, but we did love it. 

However, we neglected to get an air conditioner installed when we bought it. Something we almost instantaneously regretted.  Our plans of using an a/c unit we got from Home Depot never panned out the way we wanted them to so the week before Spring Break we began the process of getting one installed. Well, as is the case with us, it was also an ordeal. They had to order the part. Then they couldn't just install it because a hole had to be cut for it. But then they couldn't find any plans for the camper so they didn't know if it was pre-braced or pre-wired for one. Ugh. So we picked it up at the last minute and decided to take it out without one. After all the weather was nice and it would likely not be needed. 

Enter Spring Break. The weather was amazing and we actually used the heater for the first time due to the chilly temps. We did get a little warm on none last day but it wasn't has horrible as we'd experienced. But we quickly realized that we had already outgrown the pop-up. Especially with our upcoming trip to Disney this summer and the adoption. So we decided to upgrade ourselves and get a bigger, hard-side camper. 

Well, easier said than done. The process ended up being several days, several looooooong days, as we went through the motions of what we wanted, what was available, what we could afford, what we could manage, etc.  Long hours were spent at Camping World. We were still tired and exhausted from our Spring Break trip but it had to happen now, we're in a time crunch with spring already here and out weekend filling up with swim team (a post for another time).  Plus we wanted to take it out a couple of times before Disney and we have only a few months left in the one year buy back deal we were taking advantage of. 

But, at long last, the process was finished. Finally. We have our dream camper. One that is big enough for us to use now and grow into with our family over the next many years (we will not be going through this process again for a very long while).  So, on with the details. 

It's 26 feet long. It has a queen size bed for Amy and I, a twin over full bunk, a dinette that converts to a bed, and a sofa bed. Plenty of room for all 3 (soon to be 4) kids to have their own sleeping arrangements. It has a bathroom with a toilet and shower. It has a good sized refrigerator with freezer. And it has a ton, I mean a ton, of storage.  It's huge. Double the weight of the pop-up, triple the height, and about 10 feet longer. But thanks to some awesome tow hitch upgrades and a special brake system installed it drives smoother than the pop-up ever did. It was nowhere near as difficult to pull as I'd worried myself it would be. My only concern is backing it up but that will come with practice so we shall see about that. We are so excited and happy to finally own it.  We are also thrilled to have our garage back since this is way too huge to fit there so we had to rent storage for it. 

Our inaugural trip is set for the weekend after next so I will keep you posted on how it goes. We cannot wait and are counting the days until we get to take her out.  But until then we are happy and excited. I'll leave you with a few pictures we have of it from when we picked it up yesterday!  Woo hoo!

All is well, rv-ing, in Drosche Land. 

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