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Friday, August 30, 2013

One More

Ahhhh, a title with a double meaning.  Deep.

One more day left in August.

One more post to catch us up with the events of this past summer.  

This post will get us caught up for the month of August, but don't worry, it won't seem like a month while you're reading.  Sure, August was crazy busy, but it was mainly busy with one event - back to school.

Change was the theme for summer.  And lots of it.  As you know Amy is now teaching 2nd Grade.  She is loving it.  To her it is the best of both worlds.  The kids are still young and fun and innocent.  Yet, they're mature enough so one doesn't have to deal with bathroom accidents and shoe tying.  She has a large class, 21 students, so things are always busy and this first week and a half of school has tired her out.  But she, and her kids I'm sure, are having a blast.  Jackson is also now attending her school.  You'll remember that we made the decision to split the kids up between our respective schools.  It was not an easy decision and one that we thought, prayed, and talk about at length.  However, we are certain that we made the best decision.  Jackson loves his school and especially his teacher.  He is adjusting well and it is going to be a great Kindergarten year for him.

My big change was of course moving to a new school.  But not just any school!  Nope, I am teaching at the school where I attended 2nd - 8th grades.  Where I met Amy.  The church where I was baptized and confirmed.  So that has been a ton of fun.  My principal was my 8th Grade teacher way back when.  It is pretty surreal to be back after so long.  My classroom now was my 5th Grade classroom so long ago.  (Ironically my 5th Grade teacher is now the 8th Grade teacher at Amy's school!  Small world!)  But it has been an incredible new year!  I have 18 great students and a wonderful group of coworkers.  Everyone in the church and school has been so welcoming and excited; I couldn't be happier.  Braeden and Stella attend my school and both are doing very well also.  I think I am slowly adapting to the idea that Braeden is in 2nd Grade.  Wow!  It still feels weird to say it.  He has had a blast!  Making new friends and is totally in awe of his teacher.  Stella is being the social butterfly and winning people over left and right.  Teachers, students, other parents.  No one is safe from her charm.  She knows just how to win them over.  

The first couple of weeks were busy and a little stressful as we dealt with conflicting yet very similar schedules and learning new curriculums, schools, rules, procedures, and so much more.  But we survived and things are starting to slowly settle down as the year begins.  

Of course Jackson breaking his arm was a highlight of August.  Again, we could not be happier that surgery is not needed.  He only has about 2 weeks left in his cast.  After that he will just need to wear a brace for a while to strengthen it all back up since one of the breaks was at the growth plate in his wrist.

Is that it?  Dare I say we are caught up?  I'm sure there is at least one thing that I have forgotten, likely more.  But I'm growing tired of catching up, although I hope you're not.  So, we'll call is caught up.  Thanks for bearing with me through these past few posts, as scatterbrained and jumpy as they may have been.

Oh, one more thing.  Today ended up being a surprise day off for Braeden, Stella, and I.  Late last night we found out that the city shut off the water at school due to a problem with the waterlines.  Boom!  Day off!  So thus began our now 4-day weekend since Monday is Labor Day!  Oh, now we're caught up! :)

I'll close with this picture of the kids on their first day of school!  2nd Grade, Kindergarten, and Waddlers.  They are adorable!  Here's to a great new school year!

All is well, caught up finally, in Drosche Land.

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