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Monday, June 25, 2012

Sunday Snapshot - B&W

Yesterday was super busy so I didn't get around to posting this until this morning.  Luckily Little Miss was awake super early (thanks to a lot of napping yesterday) so I am able to get this going before the day totally begins.

Now, I love me some black and white photography, as does Amy.  In fact, our bedroom furniture and bedding is all black and white, with the photos on the wall being in black and white.  See, told you.  When taking pictures I often have an idea of whether or not I want the finished, edited, and polished version to be in black and white.  However, I had never thought about just trying black and white out on random pictures, just to see until I read this post by blogging mentor/idol Stefanie.  

That got me thinking, what would some of my favorite color photos look like in black and white?  So, I sat down with my iPhone since most of my pictures (save the photo shoots/special occasions) are currently taken with that.  Lo and behold, she was right!  Some pictures that I thought would be awesome in black and white were only eh. Some that I never would have guessed would be good, turned out great.  So I thought I'd piggyback on her post to share some of my new favorite black and white photos, obviously my top pic the above of Stella's feet!  What do you think?  How did they turn out?  It has definitely changed the way I think of black and white, and even color, photography!  Awesome, thanks Stefanie!

A beach scene, one of the ones that came as a surprise.  Who knew that it would look good without the blues, whites, and browns of a typical beach pic?

Stella, one of the pictures I thought would look good in black and white.  This one is from her hospital newborn pictures!

Sunrise, another surprise.  Again, all of the colors present in a sunrise and they still are beautiful in black and white.  I like how the houses are silhouetted at the bottom.

Braeden riding a bike, another surprise.  It's all about the shadow for me in this picture.  Amy loves this one.

Ni Hao Yall


  1. Love this, Dusty! It is fascinating to see how color, or lack thereof, changes a photo, and it's really impossible to predict how it will look until you actually try it. So glad you experimented :)
    You've got some great ones here... the bike picture is fabulous!

    1. THANKS! I really appreciate the feedback! The bike photo was my other fave!