"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Saturday, June 23, 2012


No this post isn't about the David Bowie song, although it is a great song.  Oh, and there's an awesome cover by Butterfly Boucher (which is lots of fun to say) that was in Shrek 2 (great movie).  Check out both if you're unfamiliar.  Anyway, on with the topic of this post.

The winds of change are blowing pretty strongly here in Drosche Land.  But they're good winds, no storms on the horizon.  It's actually something that's been brewing and working in the background here for quite a while.  Ok, so now that I've set a suspenseful enough tone, I'll get on with the post.

See, you know Amy and I have both worked at Trinity for the past few years, she as the Director of the Early Childhood Program and me as the First Grade Teacher.  Well, flashback to September when we found out Amy was pregnant.  3 kids.  Wow!  A lot would change in our lives very shortly.  This got Amy to wondering if she should pursue a change in her career.  She loved her job as the Director, (and was awesome, ok I'm off my soapbox), but it did entail a lot.  Early mornings, late nights, no summers off, always being on-call, just to name a few.  It wasn't bad, just part of the job.  However, as the pregnancy progressed, and got progressively more difficult, she continued to wonder if she would be able to keep up her hectic pace for much longer, and then when the baby came?  So HE began working in our lives and in the situations.  Or I should say HE has always been working in it, after all HE knew how it would all shake out the entire time right?

Ok, back to the end of the school year, March and April namely.  Amy's pregnancy is getting harder and the toll it is taking on her is clear to us both.  Then comes the bed rest which was, ironically, an awakening of sorts.  This was when HE chose to make HIS plan for Amy clear to us.  Her ministry to serve him through the education of children wasn't over, it was just going to change, be redefined.  Things happened quickly now and HIS plan came to fruition.  Amy's new call in her ministry was to get back into the classroom, a First Grade classroom to be exact!

Amy accepted a call to be the First Grade teacher at Epiphany Lutheran School here in Houston.  Pretty cool huh?  Now we have even more in common than we did before!  :)  This will become effective this August with the 2012/2013 school year.  This new adventure brings many new things to Drosche Land.  Possibly one of the biggest benefits is the fact that Amy will have a ton more time, including summers, to spend with our family.  Epiphany is also only 9 miles from our house so her commute will be greatly lessened.  There are lots of other changes, none bad, that come along with this but I won't bore  you with those details.  We spend a significant amount of time praying and asking for HIS will to become clear to us, and that it did.  We are very excited about beginning this new adventure and I am joyous to share it with you dear readers.  So, that's the big news here in Drosche Land, I was just awaiting the proper time to share.

Now yes, you know me, and may be asking, "But Dusty, you don't do change well!  How are you dealing with this?".  True, I tend to avoid it like the plague, but through lots of prayer and thought I am very comfortable with this.  I also have the support of a wonderful wife who knows my limitations when it comes to dealing with changes and has been an amazing example of living our HIS will and guidance.  So, there's the answer for your question!  :)  So, stay tuned as I am sure there will be many more posts, especially when it comes time for classroom shopping, about this new adventure!

All is well, growing and changing, in Drosche Land.

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