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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday Snapshot - Beach

Today was our annual trip to the beach with Amy's family.  We always go the weekend prior to Memorial Day, for obvious reasons.  It's always such a fun way to kick of the summer and the kids love it.  We try our best to avoid crowds so we head to Quintana Beach in Freeport.  This year it was a bit more crowded, leading us to think about finding a new spot.  But we still enjoyed it.

I know most people don't enjoy the Gulf of Mexico because it doesn't have powdery white sandy beaches or crystal clear water.  But it's here, near, and we love it.  This year proved to be eventful, including a couple of run-ins with jellyfish.  Other than that though, it was a fun, yet exhausting, time.

Hanging out with cousins.

Splashing around in the ocean.

Digging and building in the sand.

Running around and playing.

All in all it was a great day!  The only downside was that Amy could not attend since she is still on bed rest.  So I took pictures and called her, trying to make it so that she could have some part in it.  I do keep thinking though that the next time we take a beach trip Stella will be there in some ruffly bathing suit.  The more the merrier.  

All is well, picture perfect, in Drosche Land.

Ni Hao Yall


  1. Replies
    1. It was! They love the beach so much!

  2. Sounds like you guys had a wonderful time. I'm visiting from the A-Z challenge. I love the background picture of your blog.

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by! Thanks also for the compliment, it's a photo I took of the beach last summer!