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Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Better Late Than Never

Or so the saying goes.  If that's the case, then I don't feel as bad about my absence or the fact that I am just now getting around to posting about Jackson's 6th birthday which, for the record, happened on September 25!  Yikes!

Yeah, so life got busy again.  It seems to have a way of doing that huh?

So Jackson turned 6.  6?!  Seriously?  I mean I can hardly believe it.  Whenever I look at him I still see the little baby that I would wake up and feed several times a night, every night.  That little guy that would cuddle up with me in the recliner and drink his bottle, then we'd both pass out together.  Memories.  

Luckily he is still that little guy.  Still goofy.  Still full of energy.  Still just as cuddly as always.  Only now time has come and gone and suddenly he is 6.  Braeden has always been the mature kid.  Always the one who wanted to be older, never satisfied with being his own age.  I mean, he still jumps at the opportunity to hangout and play with older kids.  But not our Jack-Jack.  Nope, he was the baby for 4 1/2 years.  Now he is a big brother, the middle child.  And, if birth-order studies are credible, he is definitely a middle child!

6.  He started, as he does every year, counting down to his birthday right after Amy's in August.  He knows his is next and he is quick to remind anyone and everyone.  6 is our birthday year.  The year we let the kids have their "big" party and invite all of their friends.  Given the broken arm we didn't know how this would play out.  He originally wanted to have it at Monkey Joe's, one of those indoor playplace/jumpy places that are all the rage now.  But he changed his mind to Chuck E. Cheese, his favorite, his standby.  

We celebrated his actual birthday at home, just the 5 of us.  It was fun, nice, and easy.  Just the way we like it.  Then that weekend (yikes 2 weeks ago already?!) we had the big party.  He had a blast.  Friends came, there was pizza, presents, cookie cake, and tickets.  What more could a new 6-year-old want?  Not much since he, as he always does, claimed it to be the best birthday ever when he went to bed that night.  Melts my heart every time he says it, because it is genuine and honest.

So, wild hare that he may be, my little guy is growing up.  But he has managed to keep his kid-ness and love of childhood and fun ever present.  6.  Wow.  I haven't uploaded all of the pictures I took at his party (I know!  Shame, thy name is Dusty) but I will share them once I do.  But I got some great shots with my iPhone (since it is always handy) so I will share those here.

All is well, one year older, in Drosche Lane.

He loves boardgames and this one looked right up his alley!  He loves it and it is tons of fun!

Love his face!  

In the Ticket Blaster at Chuck E. Cheese!  He was so cute and I'll admit I think it looks like so much fun too!

We love us some Duck Dynasty around here and Jackson loves his new Si shirt!

He is always so genuinely excited about every gift, this is his reaction to everything he receives!

Finally!  He's been waiting for it!

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